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This is a friends only journal. If you don't know me getting in here is about as likely as getting a blowjob from John Ashcroft.
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Totally reminded me of this post by my friend [ profile] eeblet.

Re: Eeew.

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Re: Eeew.

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Still laughing, minutes later.
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You mean, that wasn't...? Then, who...? Uhm.

'Scuse me. I need to go bathe. With bleach.

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i bet that's actually easier than you think it is. John Ashcroft strikes me as a bit of a slut.

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no ... him giving one ... I'm sure that he would accept one from most people

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Well if you guaranteed him the right to trample more civil liberties as payment for services rendered.....

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i'm not sure i'd want a blowjob from ashcroft...this is a man who lost an election to a DEAD person!

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"I want to be in Ashcroft's Army, I want to be a spy."